PRO: Professional Referral Organization is an organization of business men and women dedicated to maintaining the highest level of business services and professional integrity. Our purpose is the exchange of quality business referrals. At all times, members will maintain the highest standard of competence and service.

As an industry exclusive organization each business category is represented by only one member. In everything we do, we remember this motto:  I am a business PRO!

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Arlyn Tratt is a great real estate agent! When it was time to sell my parents townhouse, the new buyer complained about an issue with some leaky windows. It was going to cost about $10,000 to repair/replace before we could complete the sale. Arlyn went to the building association and got the information for the company that sold and installed them years earlier. He spoke with them and got them to replace the windows as a no-charge warranty, saving us over $10,000!! Arlyn is a real estate rockstar and he goes above and beyond for his clients!
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Are you a business PRO? Do you want to network with other business PROs who will actively look to refer business to you? Then Join Us!

We are a networking group under the Skokie Chamber of Commerce and membership in the Chamber is required.