Al Garcia 1-15-20

Al brings value wherever he’s at.  Today’s presentation highlighted the many services he and his team at A&L copiers provides.  From toners, to full industrial printers, his team can deliver it all.  

Al mentioned two stories which were very telling for the amount of value, care and attentiveness he provides to his clients.

One was from a perturbed manager for a large local dealership.  The reason for his discontent was due to the service provided to his team when one of Al’s employees attempted to train the staff on a new machine that was recently serviced.  Although the issue reported was mainly due to user error, Al was able to smooth over the tension by providing some great insight into how to prevent the issue from occurring in the first place, taking ownership of the discontent brought to the client by his representative. 

This personal touch allows clients to always be sure that they have someone in their corner who is sure to make things right, even when it could very well be our fault.

The second story resulted from a small business owner who was looking to acquire a large printing setup.  After discussing pricing with a larger copy firm, Al was able to save them over 50% of the cost (over $75,000.00!!!!).  The biggest savings however, wasn’t just from the fact that the client wouldn’t own the equipment after their lease term was over, but that they would have the guarantee that Al and his team would be there to service their equipment anytime they needed to.

For all your office supply needs, from toners to copiers and fax machines, contact Al Garcia with A&L Copiers at (773) 370-0935.

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