Alvaro Garcia 07-22-15

Alvaro Garcia is our Office Equipment and Ink and Toner member. Alvaro has been in the business for the last 25 years. After starting out doing deliveries for Toshiba, Alvaro took classes to learn how to repair the machines. In `1992 he switched to working as a technician. This specialty requires on-going training to keep up with the changing technology. He specializes in selling and maintaining refurbished printers and copiers. He is able to supply high end equipment. The refurbished equipment is offered at about 30% of the cost of new, and Alvaro can offer the same warranty. He is able to repair printers as well as copiers. Most new printers come with starter (low volume) cartridges. The refills can often cost more than the original printer. Alvaro recommends purchasing a laser printer. Alvaro also pointed out that he can supply paper shredders and stock models that have metal gears not the plastic ones which can wear out under heavy usage. 95% of the printers he services have an internet connection so he can monitor them on-line to determine problems before he is on-site. His recommendation for office equipment often depends on how much the customer is planning on expanding their office in the future.

Remember Alvaro Garcia and A&L Copiers when you hear your associates mention that they are looking for new office equipment or maintenance on their current office equipment.

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