Andrei Negru 05-29-19

Andrei talked about the process of laying hardwood floors and why an estimate of 2-3 days can often take 4-5. He has seen multiple problems such as boards splitting, damaged walls, damage and/or stains under carpeting. These would all need to be fixed before the hardwood is placed. This would add to time and cost estimates.

Doing the job well requires multiple steps such as sanding, staining, etc. The chemicals used are good for the floors but dangerous for people and pets without proper protection which the workers use. Environmentally friendly options are available but cost more.

Andrei says they are more expensive than quotes you can get with a Google search but in many other cases “You get what you pay for”. With Andrei you can be assured of a professional, quality job with an established company.

Call Andrei if you are considering getting hardwood floors and need your current ones repaired or refinished.


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