Arjav Patel 03-13-19

A.J. talked about two things gaining popularity in digital marketing: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Voice Technology.

AI is a term used to describe computers making decisions based on behavioral data that it receives such as Netflix tracks what shows you watch in order to suggest others you might like or a chat box answering frequently asked customer service questions without needing to hire a human to do it. Some blog posts are now being written with AI.

A second technology gaining strength is devices listening for your voice such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Use Alexa with a Prime membership and order with you need just by asking for it. Could be a time saver over sitting at a computer to order on-line. Might start seeing sponsor advertisements as part of Alexa’s “conversation” with you.

Call A.J. to get more information about how your business can use these ideas.

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