Arlyn Tratt 01-20-16

Arlyn Tratt is our Residential Realtor member. Arlyn described his business as that of connecting clients, not just making transactions, building relationships. He also handles investment properties for clients who are looking for positive cash flow to fund their current income or retirement. He described how a client could leverage a $20,000 investment to purchase a $100,000 home (and he says that there are 3 BR ranch homes out there) and collect a potential $1200/ month rent. On a 15 year loan at the current rates, the $940/month mortgage could yield about $3000 annual income. And the property would have the potential increase of 1-3% yearly. He considered this a short horizon retirement plan. The are potential more income if there is a 30 year loan. Arlyn also offers creative marketing ideas for his business by offering a “Game Night” at his office where they can play “Cash Flow” to learn about real estate investment.
Remember Arlyn Tratt and RE/MAX when you hear your associates mention that they are looking to purchase residential real estate for their own use or as an investment.

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