Arlyn Tratt 10-30-19

El Presidente, Arlyn Tratt, gave us a keen insight into some issues clients may be facing when entering into a multiple buyer situation.  Given the fact that there has been more buyers than inventory, Arlyn’s creative expertise can ensure that your offer is the one that makes the cut.  Here are 10 ways he mentioned could help you win out in a bidding war:

  1. Writing a personal letter to the owner
    1. Highlighting common traits through decorations at the home/trips etc
    2. Including family photos
  2. Bidding over the asking price (IF ITS WORTH IT!! Double check with agent)
  3. Offer As-is
  4. Pre-approval letter and/or a call from your lender to the listing agent
  5. Present the offer in person
  6. Offer more earnest money than normal
  7. Find out what the ideal time frame/scenario that the seller wants and make it happen
  8. Present the offer in a professional manner
  9. Make sure that paperwork is complete
  10. Offer the listing agent additional perks by letting them know that you will make the sale easier for them by assisting them

On the selling side:
Make sure you have GOOD PHOTOS

Arlyn higlighted some of the worst photos that he saw, taken by non-professionals, which in turn takes away the potential value from your home. 

Make sure your listing doesn’t get “slimed” by your agent, and contact Arlyn for any of your residential real estate needs.  

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