Arlyn Tratt 6-1-16

Arlyn Tratt is our Residential Realtor member. Arlyn announced that he has recently opened up an office of his own with the NextHome Elite group. They are just expanding into the Chicagoland area. Arlyn explained some of the unique aspects of their business model which attracted him to consider changing his realtor identity to their brand. One of their distinct logos is the orange dog. Also, when one of Arlyn’s listings appears on Zillow or or any of several different real eastate search websites, only Arlyn’s name will appear as the lising agent. That way a prospective buyer will be in contact with the agent who has the best knowledge of the property. Arlyn also showed us a sample of the bound listing book he can give prospective buyers that was an extremely professional presentation of the listed property as well as comparable properties. Arlyn also discussed the equipment he has purchased to photograph a listing with a third dimensional effect. Remember Arlyn Tratt and NextHome Elite when you hear your associates mention that they are considering selling or purchasing residential real estate.

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