Ben Fine 07-24-19

The always bubbly Ben Fine, gave us a great rundown on the help he’s able to provide businesses in regards to their telecommunications setup and how Prime Telecommunications helps move your business communications into the cloud.

After enduring some minor technical difficulties, Ben took it in stride, and as a true professional rolled with the punches and gave us a wonderful presentation.

His area of focus in his presentation he attempted to highlight 3 main areas where he helps his clients routinely: Cost, Business Continuity/disaster recovery, and enhanced features*.

*Due to an early breakout of a Q&A session, Ben was unable to present on the enhanced features of his company, but the main topics will be listed below.

Current providers charge the same OR MORE for less service than Prime would
Typical setup is $35/station/month

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
SD-WAN Technology
​​​​​​​Takes multiple connections, and splices them together to ensure the most robust protection against outages
Prevents your business from losing current calls even during an outage
​​​​​​​Ben provided us insight on a current project his team is working on and showcased some of the highlights
​​​​​​​4 business locations
​​​​​​​Able to see the network traffic of all 4 locations through a dashboard
Allows his team to understand and determine which network they should be leveraging for the most continuous and fast connection
Enhanced Features
Presence Settings/Find me/follow me call routing
Door Phone entry buzzer integration
Voicemail to Email transcription
Music on hold
Bandwidth utilization and inbound/outbound call detail reports
Call screening
Coaching tools
Auto attendant
Do not disturb
Best Types of Referrals for Ben:

Businesses with 20 phone stations or more
For more information on the great work Ben Fine does, visit today!

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