Ben Fine 11-6-19

Ben Fine was able to keep us invigorated after our morning coffees by getting us excited about Telecommunication Services.

PRIME Telecommunications made their mark on the field by doing what they do best, which was deploying telecommunication solutions.  Ben advised us that when service providers began to introduce cloud based services, their major hangup was their ability to deploy the systems to their customers.  That’s where PRIME stepped in, and made their splash in the cloud market, and has been making waves ever since.

The energy Ben brings to the group could make the dullest topics sound enticing, and he brought some figures up regarding ROBOCALLS which drives almost every American crazy.

Some food for thought that he was able to provide:

  • Illinois is in the top 10 for amount of Robocalls for October 2019
  • 5.7 Billion Robocalls made in October 2019
  • 47% of these phone calls are SCAMS!

In addition to these nuggets, Ben was able to give us some great insight on what the heck SDWAN is used for, and made it digestible by providing a great schematic showing what its all about.  But to be concise, SDWAN is able to help your business:

  • An inexpensive solution to reduce downtime
  • Aggregates bandwidth
  • Improves security
Ideal clients for Ben would be any business which may be moving, or using antiquated equipment.

For more information on the types of services and products they provide, visit PRIME Telecommunications website at


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