Ben Fine 11-7-18

Ben spoke about having a disaster recovery plan in place so that your business processes can continue in the event of fire, loss of computer data, etc.

He echoed Mark Litin’s advice about having an off-site backup of any critical company computer files. If lost, 43% of businesses would be forced to close immediately and 51% of those that survive are gone in two years. If a disaster forces a business to close for 5 days or longer, 90% will not open again.

Disasters can also affect other office equipment such as phones but if you are on Prime’s cloud based system then all you need is an Internet connection in another location and all business calls can be redirected to different phone equipment, such as a cell phone.

Keep lists of vendors and mission critical tasks and who does them and who is their backup.

Give Ben a call for check on your disaster recovery plan and how he can help.

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