Ben Fine 2-5-20

Ben is one of the most engaging speakers whether presenting in front of a group, or speaking with him one on one.  Always able to make anything he speaks about exciting, Ben showcased some of the trends in different workplaces, specifically in regards to the increase in work from home or remote workstation positions.

Although on 7% of companies allow some version of remote work, regular work from home positions increased by 173%, a growth of 47x times faster than the self-employment population. 

Ben gave us some insight on the importance of developing a sound culture to ensure the success of remote employees.  Getting to know your employees as actual people, and not just virtual resources is key in creating a high performing and inclusive culture.  Focusing on their career goals and developing your remote employees so they can reach their maximum potential is one of the easiest things to forget when employing remote workers, but one of the most important tasks managers and business owners should be aware of.  Scheduling routine video calls is a key component of being able to maintain and build these relationships with remote workers.

Key Performance Indicators are also crucial to ensure that the expected work is being completed in a timely and accurate manner.  Ben provided a great example on how KPI’s should be developed for a junior sales rep to make sure they are measurable, realistic and achievable:

  • 2 appointments per day
  • 25% close rate
  • Assign customer contact on a quarterly basis
  • Update Tigerpaw notes
Technology is always improving, and humans are quick to adapt to changing technology.  Remote work positions are becoming more of an expectation than a luxury.  To learn more on how your company of 5 or more workstations can take full advantage of being able to manage a remote workforce, or on site workforce, visit

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