Brad Martin 8-6-14

Brad Martin is our Mortgage Broker member. Brad stated that he started Point Financial 15 years ago after practising real estate law with a law firm. Brad feels that his experience as a real estate lawyer gives him the insight to that side of real estate transactions that provides Point Financial with a distinctive difference from other mortgage brokerages.

He gave us several examples of where that background knowledge has helped his clients through the mortgage application and acceptance process. Brad was able to gather the relevant documents, did the necessary research and advise about releases of lawsuits that led to a favorable outcome. He took the extra steps necessary to put an acceptable closing package together. He is able to see things from an attorney’s perspective. He also stated that the current rules and regulations relating to mortgage qualification have made it harder and more expensive to get qualified for a loan. He described several unique programs available. He also mentioned that it is difficult for self-employed people to qualify because it is more difficult to prove income.

Remember Brad Martin and Point Financial when you hear your associates mention that they are looking to purchase or refinance their real estate

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