Brad Slavin 12-18-19

Stepping in without hesitation to speak this week, Brad mirrored Farmer’s Insurance, a company which also helps without hesitating when it comes to your most important assets.  

Brad provided us with some keen insight into the importance of always contacting your agent whenever chaos breaks, before contacting the insurance company directly.  Calling the insurance carrier as he’s mentioned several times before, could result in a claim being created, whether its approved or not.  Having an invested broker such as Brad will insure you weigh all your options before having to start a claim.

Mr. Slavin advised us on a current client’s situation in which they were experiencing a leak in their home.  The client would have initially contacted the insurance company, however Brad spoke with the handyman that was on site, and walked them through what repairs needed to be done.  This resulted in hundreds of dollars of savings for what could have been an unnecessary claim being filed due to incorrect information.

Brad also advised us the importance of having a property’s claim history checked prior to purchasing it.  He mentioned that claims can stick with a specific property for up to 3 years, making it harder to approve if you had no idea before making the purchase.  Agents, such as Brad, would be able to check the property out before purchase to ensure it’s claim history is insurable.

For more information on all your insurance needs, whether home, auto or business, contact Brad Slavin or visit his website, at

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