Brad Slavin 9-4-19

The always engaging, Brad Slavin provided us with some key points to make sure we keep in mind whenever dealing with potential claims for your valuables.

Brad identified misconceptions that may occur which may result in dings on your insurance profile if not managed appropriately.

He mentioned that as a broker, he represents his client, NOT the insurance company, and highlighted the importance of contacting your agent first, before ever contacting the insurance company directly.

Brad mentioned the two largest claims that typicaly come in are wind and hail damage, along with sewer drain claims.  Without the proper coverage, if these claims are made, it may result in significant out of pocket costs that may be the responsibility of the client.

To make sure you’re properly covered, contact Brad Slavin at Farmer’s insurance to do a once-over on your current structure.  He can identify cost-savings, as well as increase your coverage, many times for minimal increases to your monthly premiums.

Visit his direct site by clicking to learn more about “The Rebel’s” expertise.

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