Yoni Oinounou 04-29-20

Yoni troubleshoot and repair now not only provides assistance with getting your home entertainment setup, but also home office equipment and software as well. Yoni gave us some insight on the differences between Windows 7 and 10, and how Microsoft … Continue reading

Greg Turza 04-29-20

Greg Turza is the subject matter expert in regards to estate planning and setting up inheritances for your children and loved ones appropriately and in the estate’s best interest. He spoke about the ability to notarize and witness documents remotely … Continue reading

Michael Blanski 04-22-20

Michael Blanski with Graff, Ballauer & Blanski  P.C. has had a very busy start to 2020.  Although the feds have extended the deadline to file your federal taxes, he has been a key component for folks to apply for the … Continue reading

John Terzis 04-22-20

Keeping a steady hand during shaky times is John’s forte.  He was able to provide the group with some sound advice as always to ensure we were taking advantage of the swings that have been occurring in the financial markets.   … Continue reading

Joy Schaefer 04-15-20

Pandemic aside, Joy and the team at Home Helpers always provides an exceptional level of empathetic care for your loved ones.  No matter the job, big or small, in the middle of the day, or darkness of night, Home Helpers … Continue reading

Brad Slavin 04-15-20

Brad Slavin is a leader in the industry, and his myriad of customers can definitely attest to it.  Brad goes above and beyond the calling of an insurance broker, by proactively assisting his clients with consistent monitoring of their policies, … Continue reading

Jeff Hornstein 04-08-20

In today’s landscape, having an experienced and seasoned representative in your corner to understand your options in disaster situations is priceless.  Jeff Hornstein was able to provide us with some examples of common law and the situations and judgments that … Continue reading

Tim Youkhana 04-08-20

During the discussion, Tim focused on what services and products the United Family Health Alliance was providing to make sure people are maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle during this time. As a result of the current COVID-19 situation the UFHA … Continue reading

Dave Newman 04-01-20

All too often we get caught up in the day to day routine, and getting to know more about each person in the PRO group, as well as their passions outside of professional life is always something many look forward … Continue reading

Cathy Gazzolo 04-01-20

These are the times when having someone like Cathy Gazzolo in your corner ensures your businesses success.  Cathy has been reaching out to local businesses to make sure they are all taking advantage of government funded grant opportunities that have … Continue reading