Cathy Gazzolo 03-23-16

Cathy Gazzolo is our Website Development member. Cathy described websites that are considered mobile friendly as those that are optimized for any size screen (can be easily read and links accessed without having to rely on the zoom function) and also do not have Flash animation (Flash does not work on Apple products). Recently Google tightened up their ranking criteria and one of their ranking factors is websites being mobile friendly. This is not the only factor and websites with good current content may still outrank a mobile friendly site that has poor contect.

Cathy also shared some facts about smartphone and tablet usage. 68% of users have smartphone and 45% have tablets. Men are a higher percentage than women, younger more than older, higher income and college education also have higher ownership. These are factors to consider when choosing to spend the money to convert a website to mobile-friendly, especially if you are trying to reach those markets. 43% of people only use a cell phone (they do not have a landline) and use it for texting, internet searching and keeping from being bored. Remember Cathy Gazzolo and Radiant Website Design when you hear your associates mention that they are looking to build or refresh their current website.

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