Cathy Gazzolo 04-01-20

These are the times when having someone like Cathy Gazzolo in your corner ensures your businesses success.  Cathy has been reaching out to local businesses to make sure they are all taking advantage of government funded grant opportunities that have been made available since the COVID-19 lockdown orders have been put in place. 

Cathy’s major clients now are restaurant owners, and those who are looking to provide delivery and take out options for their clients.  Although there have been time restrictions on when the grants need to be applied for, speaking with Cathy would be extremely helpful to find out any potential funding that may be available to bring your business in the 21st century.

From SEO, to social media and website hosting, Cathy can do it all.  By visiting her webpage, you’ll find excellent examples of satisfied clients who have used her services, and seen the ROI that her company provides.

This is definitely the time to go online, and Radiant Website Design will make your business shine.

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