Cathy Gazzolo 10-8-14

Cathy Gazzolo is our Website Design/Developer member. Cathy’s presentation centered around describing current trends in website design. With the increased popularity of mobile and tablet devices, it is necessary for website designers to optimize websites for mobile usage. Text blocks that appear as two columns on the wider desktop or laptop screen, need to appear as a single vertical column of text on the narrower mobile or tablet screen. Menus need to switch from a horizontal position to a vertical one for increased visibility. Web designers may need to switch to what Cathy referred to as a flat design rather than a 3D design and provide simpler color schemes that are easier to load into the device. Less images and colors also make websites more mobile friendly. Cathy described that website designers need to make greater use of topography. Aother consideration is the use of fonts. Fonts that are in the web design can only be seen by the viewer if the viewer has that font available on the device. She mentioned that there are now Google Fonts that can be used which have a greater availability on more devices. The key point to keep in mind is user readability.

Remember Cathy Gazzolo and Radiant Website Design when you hear your associates mention that they are looking for a new website or are looking to update their current website.


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