Cathy Gazzolo 11-04-15

Cathy Gazzolo is our Website Designer member. Cathy stated that about 25% of the websites are built on the WordPress platform. While that is a easy platform to build on and maintain, it is vulnerable to hackers. Open source websites, like WordPress are open to the whole community of programmers. There are various levels of quality available and there is checking code available to determine the security of the website. There are things that owners can do to prevent hacking, but most don’t. First off, at the log in screen, make sure that the user name and passwords are unique and and contain long strings of characters, numbers and special characters. Don’t use “Admin” for either the user name or password. Second, when using WordPress or other sites like it, keep up with the updates. These can often help with security issues. Third, don’t go with free themes because they may contain hidden codes that allows access later on to your website. Another thing to do is do back-ups. Avoid public Wi-Fi to avoid being vulnerable to hackers.

Remember Cathy Gazzolo and Radiant Website Design when you hear your associates mention that they are interested in building or rebuilding their websites.

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