Cathy Gazzolo 12-4-19

Always reinventing herself to stay ahead of the curve and trends in the industry, Cathy is not shy when it comes to change.  Her openness within her presentations allows us to interact throughout her business decisions, really helping us get to know what types are referrals are best for her.

Part of Cathy’s presentation gave us a new look at her brochures, as well as an updated guide to her offerings, which is more to sell business outcomes and results.
The results specifically Radiant Website Design can help your business with are:

  • More Customers
  • More traffic to your website
  • Increased Sales
  • Increased visibility outside of your website
All of these items can be harnessed without having to change your current website.  Cathy is able to bring the following integrations to your current site:
  • SEO
  • Mobile Searches
  • Social Media
  • Get the best open rate for your emails
  • Reviews
In addition, Cathy was also requesting new names and ideas for her business, including:
  • Radiant Online Presence
  • Radiant Online Consultants
  • Radiant Online Results
  • Radiant Online Services
The best clients for Cathy would be business owners who have a current website, but are struggling to grow their business.

Contact Cathy to get some better results for your business and learn more about her work by visiting  ​​​​​​​today!

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