Cathy Gazzolo – 6-4-14

Cathy Gazzolo is our Website Designer member.

Cathy presented us with her “New Client Needs Analysis Form” that she asks her clients to fill out so that she can determine the which of her services she can help them with. Since Cathy designs custom websites, she has found it essential to find out details like will the client be selling items on their website or is it for informational purposes only. Often clients don’t know what the web designer needs to know so that the website meets their expectations. Using her inquiry sheet, Cathy is able to gain insight into the clients understanding of their marketing (why would their customers want to use their services or products) and how credible is that client within their industry. Clients are also asked to identify competitor websites that they like and one they dislike so that Cathy can get a handle on their website vision. Tracking statistic about webpage views is a good tool to determine the effectiveness of the site.

Cathy mentioned that she can build a  site that can be modified over time. She can manage the changes or her clients can have the ability to do some of the changes on their own.

Remember Cathy Gazzolo and Radiant Website Design when you hear your associates mention that they are looking to either create a new website or modify their existing website.

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