Christina Torres-Moore 4-23-14

Cristina Torres-Moore is our Oriental Medicine member. She introduced us to her business partner, Kimberly Davis. Cristina told us that Chiinese medicine is for everyone.

There are Five elements connected to the body. Fire relates to the heart and also the tongue and eyes. Earth relates to the spleen stomach and pancreas and damaged by unbalanced diet Metal relates to the lungs that also includes the nose and throat. Water relates to the kidney reproductive system. The last element is wood and that relates to the liver, which is related to many systems in the body.

Many symptoms in the body are linked to the organs that have been weakened. Chinese medicine has solutions to heal the weaknesses through the use of proper diet, supplemental herbs, acupuncture, Tai Chi (stretching exercises) Tui Na (acupressure) cupping, and Gua Sha just to mention a few of the techniques. Cristina also handed out a symptoms survey for us to fill out.

Remember Cristina Torres-Moore and Integral Alternative Medicine when you hear your associates mention that they are looking for an alternative treatment for their physical ailments.

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