Chuck McKiel 9-5-18

When Chuck is not doing inspections he is working on his other passion: cooking BBQs for his catering company: BBQphoria.

True BBQ cooking is more than just putting BBQ sauce on meat. It’s a method of cooking at low temperatures for a longer period of time (“low and slow”). Doing so helps preserve the enzymes in the fat which help you digest the meat. Higher temperatures kill the enzymes.

He has studied the evolution of BBQ sauce in this country. Starting in North & South Carolina using vinegar & mustard. Nashville added its own twist with tomatoes and tamarind. St. Louis went in another direction by using beef instead of pork. Finally Kansas City put in large amounts of sugar to be the sweet stuff most people think of BBQ sauce. Chuck mixes the ideas from the first four to be a “melting pot Chicago style” sauce.

Give Chuck a call for inspections and also catering.

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