Dave Newman 04-01-20

All too often we get caught up in the day to day routine, and getting to know more about each person in the PRO group, as well as their passions outside of professional life is always something many look forward to.

Dave Newman of Newman Household Repairs gave us a glimpse into his talents outside of his typical handyman work, and provided us with some wonderful renditions and live guitar.  Covering songs by Bob Dylan (Mr. Tambourine Man), George Harrison (Don’t Bother Me), and even giving us an original song (Flying), Dave really got us inspired to feel like we’re flying through the rest of the week.  

Due to the current situation, Dave has taken a step back in fulfilling some orders of work to minimize his exposure and do his part in social distancing, however he’s always a phone call away if anyone needs assistance completing household repairs.

Find out more about Dave’s work, as well as schedule an appointment by visiting https://www.fixr.com/sp.newman-household-repair-llc.html today.

(By the way, remember to mute your phones when you’re not speaking!)

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