Dave Newman 04-24-19

Dave begin his talk discussing the variety of drill bits available. High speed ones are good for wood & metal but not drywall which would dull the bit. Ceramic tile needs a very sharp, angled bit. A hammer drill that moves in and out is used with masonry.

He also brought samples of different types of wall anchors some plastic, some metal depending the type of wall. Some are more appropriate to brick walls or plaster or drywall. Often good to drill a “pilot hole” first to make a cleaner hole than just screwing in the anchor.

The strongest wall attachment is to nail or screw into a wall stud which are placed 16″ apart. Would use a tool called a stud finder to find the first and then measure across to find rest. Tapping a wall in different places may also help if you can hear a different noise.

Give Dave a call whenever you need “small jobs done well”.

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