Dave Newman 12-11-19

The king of “SMALL JOBS DONE WELL”, Dave shared with us a gallery of qualified work that he’s done for his clients over time.

From awnings, peel and stick tiles, storm door installation, there isn’t a job Dave cannot do.  His expertise even goes beyond home repair, and he showed us some random jobs, such as refinishing stadium seats, fixing bicycles and even building treehouses.

An outside of the box thinker, Mr. Newman is able to always find a solution to whatever trouble you’re experiencing.  Mr Fixit has also taken the time out to even teach some students his craft, allowing them to dabble in their own imagination.  Some of the rewarding work he’s been able to help students out with are designing and building a full chess board table with shelves.  

For any odd jobs that need a professional’s touch, count on Dave Newman with Newman Household Repairs to get it done.

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