Dave Newman 7-19-17

Dave started his handyman business in 2012 after retiring as a teacher for 26 years in the Chicago Public School system. He has gotten most of his referrals from Angie’s List where he has earned over 200 “A” reviews.

He talked about the different kinds of screws, wall anchors, and drills that he uses to hang things on walls. High speed drills are good for metal & wood but dull when used on plaster or dry wall. Glass and masonry require different drill bits.

if using plastic wall anchors which expand within the wall, it’s important to use a screw that has threading all the way to top for best results.

Wall studs behind drywall give extra support for hanging heavy items. Use a stud finder to find them and then measure 16 inches to find the next.

Give Dave a call if need help hanging items in your home or office or any other handyman work.

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