David Lindgren – 5-28-14

David Lindgren is our Business Coach member. D

avid handed out a “Professional Wheel of Life” chart for the PRO members to fill out for themselves. It is a guide to determine what is working and what is not working in their professional lives. David stated that he recognizes that it is often difficult for members to refer their associates to his services. David reviewed his background as a school psychologist and in-patient therapist.

He found that people needed the help of a business coach when he worked at the Chicago Board of Trade. His experience showed him that practically everyone has a need for a coaching/mentoring program, not only in the business life, but also to help them with their personal lives. He has found that he prefers to work with business owners. David succinctly stated that once you are able to identify the problem, then you can approach it and deal with it. David’s services are such that he guides you to identifying the problem.

Remember David Lindgren and Success Coach when you hear your associates mention that they know they need to sort out their issues but are struggling to do so. 

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