David Putrus 10-21-15

David Putrus is our Banker member. David announced that he has moved his office to the Dempster Street location and that Michael Atto will be managing the Skokie Blvd. branch. First Bank & Trust has a robust business product line including free business products with no fee checking, free checks, on-line banking, people-to-people pay, mobile pay and check deposits using your tablet or smartphone. There is a daily deposit limit of $5K or 10 checks by remote deposit. Limits are set to do a double check on checks that may have been deposited twice by mistake. There are also substantial benefits for individual accounts. David also mentioned that employees or owners can be offered free checking with no minimum balances, no fees and free checks. First Bank and Trust has never made money on service fees, it is not in their business model. They make their money on issuing loans. The bank handles 85% of the non-for profit accounts in Evanston. They feel that they understand the NFP and the local business market. They also are strong in the Line of Credit market. David started out with the bank as a teller and has worked hard at becoming the face of the bank to the community.

Remember David Putrus and First Bank and Trust when you hear your associates mention that they are looking to build a relationship with a community-focused bank.

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