David Putrus 7-19-17

David has been with First Bank & Trust for 15 years. He is the Vice President and manages two offices in Skokie.

The bank prides itself on not charging fees or requiring minimums on both their business and personal accounts. Even over draft fees can be waived if you call. You will always get a person answering the phone not an automated system.

Other banks have cut back on offering safety deposit boxes such they are not a money maker but First Bank & Trust thinks service is more important and still offers them starting at $20/year.

If someone is trying to build (or repair) their credit, they can get a secured Visa debit card with a credit limit that matches the amount they supply the bank. It is still using your own money but it will show charges made and paid off and so it is established a record of payment.

Give David a call when looking for a bank that cares about its community.

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