Don Bally 03-23-16

Don Bally is our Alarm System services member. Don has been in the alarm business since 1968 and at one point sold his business to Alarm Detection Systems (ADS). ADS is based out of Aurora and has systems in the Aurora Police and at many of the local schools. Don can offer his clients basic systems as well as all the add-ons like: smartphone apps for accessing the system to turn on/off cameras, lights, thermostats, open/close garage doors. Other add-ons include monitoring of CO and smoke or heat alarms as well as water level detectors for home with sump systems. Don stated that he personally sells more residential systems and small commercial installations. ADS has the capacity to also do larger installations in factories, warehouses and large commercial spaces. Don mentioned that, in many cases, ADS can work with an existing alarm system and convert equipment to their needs. He also stated that their customer service is available 24/7. Remember Don Bally and ADS when you hear your associates mention that they are looking for an alarm system to protect their home or business.

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