Don Bally 7-26-17

Don owned his own alarm business from 1984 until retiring in 2002 and sold it to ADS but he has returned as an ADS rep.

ADS offers wireless systems which are cheaper to install. These are seen with competitors on the Internet but that can’t compete with ADS’s level of service. Calls to ADS are responded to within the same day in most cases, late afternoon may go to the next business day. Don says he prefers the hard wired system better for longevity of the technology but does so they are more labor intensive and are better for unfinished basements or new construction. But wires can be cut by burgulars.

ADS offers many different types of alarm sensors such as smoke and fire, heat, water, and glass-breaking. They can be controlled remotely with smart phone apps.

Give Don a call if your property needs alarm protection.

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