Erica Minchella 01-31-18

Erica attended the Rogers Park Builders Group Trend Workshop recently. They were making predictions 2 years ahead of different areas. She gave us the chance of making our own predictions.

1) On January 20th of the year, the Dow Jones closed at 26,616. What will be it’s level in two years? John Terzis predicted 32,000.

2) Seasonal employment was up last year. What will the unemployment number be in two years? 5.2 was guessed.

3) The current lending rate is in the range of 4.2 – 4.65%. What will it be in two years: 5.25 – 6%

Erica thinks home values are going up. The are currently more buyers than properties available and she sees appraisers agreeing to whatever people are willing to pay.

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