Erica Minchella 02-24-16

Erica Minchella is our Real Estate Attorney member. Erica describe her business model as providing legal strategies for people whose own real estate whose value has fallen below what it cost. Erica spent time describing the website, , where potential clients can look at rating for attorneys based on client reviews and their standing in the legal community. Erica researched and found that the rating factor has a component that take into consideration the attorney’s participation in seminars, classes, etc. Erica described her philosophy about treating clients to make sure that they feel respected and that regardless of the circumstances which brought them to her practice, that each client is treated the same. The situations that her clients often find themselves in are situations that could happen to anyone. While most are in some type of distress, they are not a failure in Erica’s eyes. She stated that she takes the time to find out what their ultimate goal is, and designs her legal strategy to accomplish that goal. She puts the client first. Remember Erica Minchella and Minchella & Associates when you hear your associates mention that they are facing a crisis with their personal or business real estate.

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