Erica Minchella 05-20-15

Erica Minchella is our Real Estate Attorney member. Erica presented us with several case studies of clients she has represented, or “tales from the trenches” as Erica put it. Her practice is real estate based, in general she handles any issue that can happen with a piece of real estate. She described the case of a multi-unit building which was lost to foreclosure. Erica was dealing with whether the owner would qualify for bankruptcy depending on if he had the assets to pay the creditors. In another case, all the equity in a building owned by a senior was withdrawn. When the mother died, she intended to leave the building to her children. since the building had lost value to less than half the debt, there was a case as to what to do to dispose of the property. In either case, Erica can draw on her experience and her research abilities to help her clients resolve their issues.

Remember Erica Minchella and Minchella and Associates when you hear your associates mention that they are looking for legal council for a real estate matter.

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