Erica Minchella 11-13-19

Never shying from the spotlight, Erica provided us with our one and only presentation for the week. A bonifide leader in the industry, Erica not only discussed the effect technology is having on all our businesses, but she also provided us with some interesting material from publications she’s contributed to regarding changes in the industry of real estate law as well.

A talented writer, speaker and attorney, Erica asked us all to take a moment to contemplate what major players are coming into each of our industries, how they are disrupting the status quo, and what we’re doing about it to market our brands better.

In reference specifically to real estate law, Erica mentioned a company called “Safechain”, which essentially claims to do what is needed in regards to title to ensure closing by using blockchain technology.  The unfortunate piece of this however, is that previous history of title is not researched, meaning items may be left out in the coverage and attorney would be able to provide to their clients. 

This is an excellent example on how we should not only identify the players, but also find out what we do better, and in turn, create a marketing strategy to highlight our abilities and shortcomings of our competition.

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