Erica Minchella 6-20-18

Erica described an especially challenging closing involving the sale of a house to fund nursing home costs. The property had been left to three sisters by their parents but without a will but Erica couldn’t find the deed that showed ownership. Two sisters are now deceased and another’s husband had taken out a mortgage on the property.

One of the deceased sisters had no children but the other had three and at least one grandchild so they were all involved as heirs. Without a deed, Erica needed to get an affidavit of ownership signed by the heirs but two days before the closing Chicago Title said they were no longer accepting affidavits.

The closing was delayed two days but the buyers were ready to move in so they had to be given a pre-closing possession order.

Because of Erica’s diligence the whole thing ends happily with a successful closing and the money is distributed to the heirs.

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