Erica Minchella 9-21-16

Erica also mentioned having used Home Partners on Arlyn’s suggestion. By nature she was skeptical but researched the company to her satisfaction and found them to be legitimate.

She wants her clients to tell her how she can best help them. She knows they are in danger of losing their home but do they need to keep kids in the same school? Do they have older parents living with them? Do they have credit problems? From that she can come up with a plan that would legally extend the time they can stay in the home while defending the foreclosure against it.

Sometimes the best solution is to get them into a new home via Home Partners were they can be renters and start rebuilding their credit. Erica gave some tips about improving credit scores: Keep credit cards even if not using as the length of time is looked at, keep debt to balance low, pay credit cards every month.

Give Erica a call if someone is facing a foreclosure and needs legal help.

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