Erica Minchella 9-24-14

Erica Minchella is our Real Estate Attorney member. Erica gave us examples of the types of clients her firm handles as examples of referrals that can be given to her. The first type are short sales. She gave us the example of the couple who had to sell the house because of each of them were facing life threatening illnesses. Erica was able to arrange it so that the second mortgage holder agreed to release that mortgage so that they could preserve their assets. In the second example, the owner had substantial equity in the home, but didn’t know they were in foreclosure. In doing her research on the case, Erica was able to prove that her clients were never served with the proper documents. In another case, Erica represented a client who was being sued by the bankruptcy creditors. Again, doing the research Erica was able to get her client out of the suit.

Erica also stressed that she still does the conventional real estate purchase/selling closings. She does take the time to make sure that there are not any legal obstacle to the closing. Remember Eica Minchella and Minchella and Associates when you hear your associates mention that they are looking for the services of a Real Estate attorney.


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