Erica Minchella & Arlyn Tratt Duo 9-27-17

Erica and Arlyn talked about the many times they had worked together. Erica has gotten Arlyn’s clients out of bad contracts and helped with other legal matters such as short sales that can take longer with delays from the bank agreeing to the sale amount. She also recommends holding the real estate in a trust that would be easier to transfer title on death than the probate courts.

Arlyn has sent many of his clients to Erica. A memorable one was a property approaching foreclosure that needed significant cleaning out of the owner’s possession. Arlyn came with his kids to help organize and arranged for a junk hauler to come. He says not to immediately reject a home just because it’s dirty because it could be a good value and you’d be able to negotiate with the seller.

Keep both Erica and Arlyn in mind if looking to buy or sell properties.

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