Greg Turza 5-6-15

Greg Turza is our Estate Planning Attorney member.¬†Greg gave us a presentation on “Why Bare Bones Living Trusts are Not Enough” Conventional wills or living trusts leave “outright distributions: to the beneficiaries on the trustmaker’s death. Greg gave us a handout which outlines 10 points that illustrated the advantage of the “Safe Handoff” over the “Lap of Cash Distribution”. This can offer protection of inherited assets from creditors, protect inherited wealth from in-laws, control the distribution pattern beyond the death of a child, prevent your children from being disinherited in the event of your surviving spouse remarrying, protect children from their own limitations or circumstances, prevent the pitfalls of joint tenancy, segregate control from beneficial interest, second marriage complexities, IRA planning and estate tax. Greg certainly demonstrated his expertise in the field and received many glowing recommendations from PRO members.
Remember Greg Turza and The Law Offices of Gregory P Turza when you hear your associates mention that they do not have and estate plan or a will or are looking to have their current documents reviewed.


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