Gregory P. Turza 9-10-14

Greg Turza is our Estate Planning and Wills Attorney member. Greg handled out a page with a short list of questions that a prospective client can use to determine if they need an estate plan. The series of questions were in categories such as Who’s in charge of your estate if you are incapacitated or have passed and Will the right people actually receive the fund you intended them to receive. Some of the current issues to be determine is, right now, who is in charge of your medical decisions if you can’t make them; who is in charge of your wealth; who is responsible for your guardianship; would the court have to intervene (probate) to distribute your estate; have you made provisions for passing on your wealth with as little tax burden as possible; in the case of remarriage, will your estate pass on to whom you want it to pass on to; have you made any provisions for spendthrift protection if that is your wish; is your estate plan written so as to reduce the exposure to litigation by your heirs.

Greg stressed that he addresses these issues with his clients so as to develop a plan that will be in accordance to their intent. He also said that if you are satisfied with the plan you have, there is not a need to rewrite it. He offered his services to review your current plan.

Remember Greg Turza and The Law Office of Gregory P. Turza when you hear your associates mention that they are interested in having a will or an estate plan written or are looking to review their current plan. 

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