Hovig Vartanian 02-25-15

Hovig Vartanian is our Chiropractor member. Hovig gave us a presentation on the six most common causes of sciatic nerve pain.
Hovig stressed the importance of finding out the cause of the sciatic nerve pain so as to develop a proper treatment plan.
1.) Herniated Disc can be a bulge that pushes on the nerve. These are graded on the increasing level. As determined by an MRI, Hovig can treat Grades 1 and 2.
2.) Piriformis Syndrome is mostly seen in runners and long distance walker who extend their legs far back.
3.) Lumbar Spine Stenosis is often seen in older people with a narrowing of the spinal canal causing the nerve to rub on the vertebrae.
4.)Thrombophlebitis – is essentially a vein blood clot which can cause nerve pain.
5.) Hyperprotonation of the foot is when the foot arch collapses causing the knee and hip to turn inward and put pressure on the nerve. If the arch condition is not corrected, the nerve pain will not be corrected.
6.) Tight Hamstrings is often caused by sitting all day and not stretching out the hamstring. Hovig can offer the diagnosis of the cause of sciatic nerve pain and plan a course of treatment that may include physical therapy that will correct the underlying issue.
Remember Hovig Vartanian and North Suburban Physicians Group when you hear your associates mention that they are looking to reduce the pain in their lives that is the result of injury or inactivity.  


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