Hovig Vartanian 06-10-15

Hovig Vartanian is our Chiropractor member. Hovig gave us a presentation on neck and arm pain. Clients who come into his office with neck and arm pain first are evaluated so that Hovig can rule out the bad stuff first (such as left arm pain not being a symptom of heart trouble. The three main nerves in the arm are the median, the radial and the ulnar. Evaluation means identifying the nerve that is affected and looking at the reason why this nerve is affected (trauma perhaps). The pattern of the pain, as in identifying what finger or part of the hand is in pain can help to determine which nerve. Some of the issues that may be present: herniated disc, thoracic outlet syndrome, cervical spinal stenosis, carpal tunnel syndrome.

Remember Hovig Vartanian and North Suburban Physicians Group when you hear your associates mention that they are looking for a way to relieve pain that they are experiencing whether it be neck, arm, back, legs or whatever!

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