Hovig Vartanian 07-31-19

Stress affects our lives on a daily basis from the day we’re born, and Dr. Hovig Vartanian stressed the physical importance of knowing how to cope with it.

Stress comes in all forms, from emotional, physical, from infections, or even injuries. Our bodies are great adapters at handling it, however it comes to a point where if it is not taken care of, can begin to affect your physiological well-being.

Some of the major “pain” points that could arise if stress is not handled appropriately were discussed by Dr. V:

Blood pressure
Bone Health
Insulin resistance/diabetes
Hair loss
Short Term memory problems
Inability to convert short term memory to long term memory
Dr. Hovig mentioned that a certain type of response is normal and expected during acute circumstances. However, when it starts to become chronic, that’s when inflammation increases, because your body cannot produce enough “stress” hormones to cope with the inflammation.

Dr. Vartanian offered a few different ways to help supplement potential inflammation:
Omega 3 acids, found in:
Grass fed animal fats
Fish Oil
Olive Oil
Macadamia nut oil
High oleic sunflower oil
Curcumin (turmeric)

The best referrals for Dr. Hovig:

Clients who are having any injuries/stress
Recently injured/surgeries

For more information on how to bring your aches and pains to the North Suburban Physicians Group, contact Dr. Hovig Vartanian, or visit https://www.nspghealth.com/ for more information.

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