Hovig Vartanian 2-22-17

Hovig announced he is expanding his practice to include new testing. His goal is to treat health conditions with nutritional changes and supplements instead of using drugs. This has been an interest of his for some time and he has done a lot of study into it.

Many health issues can be traced back to the level of inflammation in the body. Blood tests can detect this as well as other markers that can indicate the real cause of a condition. Treat the root problem instead a symptom and the problem goes away. There is also good inflammation that can be encouraged by supplements to fight the bad.

Hovig handed out a Metabolic Assessment questionnaire that he uses to assess individual patient’s needs. If you make the recommended changes you can expect to see real changes in your body after three months.

Give Hovig a call if you are having health conditions that are not improving through other treatments.

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