Hovig Vartanian 6-18-14

Hovig Vartanian is our Chiropractor member. Hovig explained that often the mind’s interpretation of where the body is becomes disconnected from the reality. This can be the result of injuries or other insults to the body. He stressed the importance of “transitional exercises” that will rebuild or strengthen the mind/body connection.

Along with his assistant, Hovig demonstrated a series of functional exercises using the Bosu, a piece of equipment that is essentiall half a stability ball mounted on a ridged base. The exercise included doing Squats standing on the Bosu, push-up planks on the top of the Bosu, leg raises with hands on the platform of the Bosu and other functional exercises. During the demonstration, Hovig described the purpose of the exercise, the muscle group that the exercise triggers and the importance of strengthening that muscle group. Improvements included:  improving balance and muscle strengthening to support bone structure.

Hovig clearly demonstrated that using the services of a professional physical therapist can help us continue on the path of improved health. Remember Hovig Vartanian and North Suburban Physicians Group when you hear your associates mention that they are interested in improving their overall health or are having an issue with muscle or joint pain.

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