Hovig Vartanian 6-20-18

Hovig spoke about a new test his office has to check for inflammation that could affect the brain. It is based on scientific studies of soldiers with brain damage. Inflammation is also the cause of chronic pain so that could be a indication of future brain trouble.

The blood test checks level of Omega 3, Omega 6 & Palmitic acid. These should be in the proper balance for good health. Omega 3 levels should be at least 8%. If lower than that, eat more SMASH (Salmon, Mackeral, Anchovies, Sardines, and Herring). Omega 3 lowers inflammation.

Omega 6 raises inflammation and is found in vegetable oils and processed foods. Ideal amount is a 1:1 ratio with Omega 3 but many people have as high as 24:1 making them sick.
Palmitic acid is found in body fat from meats and carbohydrates. 21% or less is ideal. Higher can make cell walls rigid and harder to absorb nutrients.
Give Hovig a call if interested in learning more about this test and other preventative measures you can take.

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