Hovig Vartanian 6-21-17

Hovig said that 50% of Dementia and Alzheimer’s cases are genetic but there are things you can do to control how your genes respond to the disease.

Out of control blood sugar is a big factor so much that Dementia is starting to be called Diabetes Type III. Too high blood sugar affects blood circulation which affects blood getting to the brain which affects memory, moods, problem solving, making good judgments all early symptoms of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Exercise is very important to help correct both sugar and circulation issues.

You may have circulation issues if your hands and feet are always cold (socks in bed); you need coffee every morning or the tip of your nose is cold.

You may have blood sugar issues if your energy level drops after eating or if you have difficulty losing weight or falling asleep.

Call Hovig if worried about a loved one exhibiting early signs of dementia. The earlier it’s diagnosed the better hope of improvement.

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